Dave Ives moved from Blackpool to Mablethorpe in 1983. After a successful stint in a local arcade cafe, he purchased the Chattery Cafe in January 1991. The name was then change to Dave's Diner. In the same year he met and married Kate, and between them they now have five daughters.

They soon realised that expansion was necessary and so took over the adjoining premises. The name was yet again change, to the now famous Daves' Restaurant.

Business at Dave's Restaurant has steadily progressed against a declining economic climate, and Dave believes he knows why it continues to be a success. The restaurant is  decorated and upgraded each year making sure that is in pristine condition for his customers.
He says he has an excellent team of staff, and is always improving and upgrading the  equipment they use in the course of their work.
                              Dave is 100% customer focused.
Dave Ives
The Magic Cup Café burnt out in 1953, and how the restaurant looks today in 2013
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Dave knows his customers will always be assured of a warm and courteous greeting from his polite, and friendly staff.

Dave's Restaurant caters for the whole family, at prices they can afford.

The restaurant is popular with both locals and tourist alike.  This is mainly because Dave insists on using only the finest produce on the market.

People travel from far and wide, just to enjoy the culinary delights on offer at Dave's Restaurant.

His aim, and that of his staff, is to give and maintain the highest standard of service to their customers at all times.
Dave's Restaurant has help many local charities over the years. Thousands of pounds have been raised and given in support of the - Lions Club, Leicester Childrens Home, R.N.L.I., and local football teams, to name but a few.
Kate Ives